Lecky’s Baby Shower

The first member of our family’s next generation is going to arrive any day now, and I am incredibly excited to be an aunt! Boy or girl – I don’t know, but I can’t wait to meet my nephew or niece.




This weekend was the pre-arrival baby shower. Being quite a new concept in the UK, this was the first baby shower many of us had attended, but it was the sweetest afternoon I’ve had in long time. It was refreshing to have an alcohol-free event which didn’t end after 3am leaving me smelling like a mix of red wine and regret. Instead, we enjoyed an afternoon in Lecky’s garden enjoying the sporadic bursts of sunshine, eating cake and drinking elderflower lemonade.




The highlight of the afternoon was looking through all of the old photographs and baby pictures from not only when we were younger, but from when our mums were children too. Given the fact that the family moved around so frequently, there aren’t many photographs documenting my mum, aunts and uncles’ younger years, so rooting through all of the black and white snaps provided hours of amusement. It also reminded us of how similar we all look, not only to each other, but to our parents from when they were our age.

The opening of the presents was sweet, with so many homemade gifts such as memory boxes and photo albums ready for when the baby arrives. One of Lecky’s work colleagues had taken a picture of her every month of her pregnancy and compiled all of the photographs together, leaving space for one more for when the baby arrives.


It’s always nice to have a get together with the family, but this must have been the first one ever where it was just the girls.  We’ll have to wait and see whether it will be another little girl or boy joining us next time.





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