Bank Holiday Sunshine

This bank holiday could not have been better timed. From Thursday through to Sunday I was full of flu and felt rather cheated that the weekend had passed me by without a chance to enjoy it. So, it was just as well that I had that extra day off when I felt up to going outside and being a sociable human being.


The parents decided to call by to tell me all about their holiday in the South of France. This of course meant that while I was basking in the bank holiday sunshine, they found it “rather chilly” compared to the 29ºC they’ve been enjoying for the last week. Still, I found my first venture out of the house in 60 hours suitably summery!



It’s shameful how few times I’ve been to Penarth seeing as I now live so close. Today felt like the perfect day for a leisurely stroll and a bit of an explore.

Coming from a seaside town, I assumed it would have the standard promenade and pier and two or three ice cream vendors. Well, yes, it does. But, it has much more charm that could easily be over looked!



My favourite discovery of the day was the small little plaques on the promenade. Most are in remembrance to late residents of Penarth who have passed away, but my favourites are the phrases celebrating engagements. Knowing that you’re reading a plaque which marks the spot of a moment when time stood still for someone you will probably never meet is really quite charming. Most of the beachgoers strolled past the plaques without paying them a second glance, but they captivated me and I could have spent all afternoon reading them.



Like most seaside towns, Penarth is easy to fall in love with on a summer’s afternoon when the sea is shining and the sun is beating down. I expect it will be quite a different story in the coming months when the waves are crashing over the promenade. On such a still, warm day it’s hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner. Are we to have an Indian summer? I hope so!




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