My Super Active Week

With a week to go until a trip which I am well aware will consist of many glasses of wine, late nights and sporadic, unwholesome meals, I have been determined to prepare myself by being super active and healthy in the run up.

I am a slave to my Fitbit, and often find myself walking aimlessly around the grounds of my building at 11pm to try and hit that 10k step mark before the day is over. This week I upped my game, and focussed not only on the step count, but also on the kilometres walked, the calories burned and the number of minutes of high intensity exercise per day.

My goal was to reach my target in all four categories for five days out of seven. To cut a long story short – I smashed it!

The start of the week was the most difficult, because I was sat in the office for eight hours of the day, thus meaning that I had to work extra hard in the evening to make up for the long periods of inactivity. Simple tricks like cycling to work instead of driving, and making multiple trips to and from the stationery cupboard instead of loading myself up all at once certainly helped me reach my mark on Monday. Tuesday, I was at university where I am not really able to get up and walk about, although I would very much like to when faced with French grammar.




Wednesday, I went shopping after work which is the easiest way of smashing a step count target without even noticing. By the time the shops closed at 8pm it wasn’t only my purse which had a hole burned through it, but the soles of my shoes as well! With only 800 steps left until that magical 10k was achieved, I strode up and down the platform instead of taking a seat while waiting for the train. Did I look bizarre while pacing up and around platform 7? Maybe Probably  Yes! But at least when I got home, I could put my feet up and watch television – a luxury I rarely get the chance to enjoy these days.




Thursday I did not get home from work until 9.30pm, at which point trying to make another 8,150 steps seemed far from appealing, while my calorie burning target appeared so distant that I gave it all a miss. Friday however, I was back on it! I had visitors coming to stay that evening, so I rushed home from work and hit the gym before thoroughly cleaning my flat. The housework quickly made up for the remainder of calories still left to burn after the gym, and by the time my guests arrived at 8.30pm, I could relax safe in the knowledge that all targets had been completed.




Having visitors meant that reaching my targets on the weekend was fairly easy. From giving a tour of Cardiff, to strolling down the beach, and even walking home from the pub in the evening (I had a sparkling water, of course), it is not long before 10k steps have been completed, 2,600 calories have been burned, 8.1 kilometres have been walked and at least 30 minutes of constant exercise have been accomplished.




With my super active week in the bag and a healthy diet maintained throughout, I feel more than ready to take on a week of indulgence.






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