Pumpkin Picking

With leaves crunching under our feet, the temperature gradually getting crisper and an amber tinge on the trees, Autumn is most certainly here! It is by far my favourite season and I relish the autumnal activities which arrive with it.



I had been so looking forward to pumpkin picking that even a few sporadic rain showers could not put me off a trip west to Pembrokeshire to collect these Autumn goodies. In fact, not even an hour spent stationary in my car as it sank helplessly in the mud, could put me off. As soon as the farmer who owned the pumpkin patch kindly towed my car back out of the swampy gateway I (rather clumsily) drove it into, I was down the lane and collecting a wheel barrow ready for pumpkin browsing.




The pumpkin patch’s rustic presentation and rural location made it ideal for an autumnal Saturday afternoon out. Brooksgrove Farm is in an idyllic spot, nestled in a valley far from any noise or traffic. Miles from a Starbucks, with a feeble one bar of 3G and no access to WhatsApp, it was great to get out in the fresh air and actually enjoy the natural surroundings. Pumpkins aside, it was so relaxing to have a stroll in the outdoors and not be in a rush to go somewhere or be anywhere. I grew up in the most rural Welsh countryside and I am conscious that the less time I spend back at home, the more reliant I am becoming on modern urban “essentials”. Therefore I couldn’t wait to put down my Flat White and iPad, stick on my wellies and get muddy. And get muddy, I did! Not only when attempting to push my car out of the swamp into which I’d driven, but also when we were walking, taking pictures and generally messing about in the fields. I was determined to get some good shots, which meant getting down on the ground and not caring how presentable I looked afterwards.





I would definitely recommend a “Pick Your Own” Pumpkin Patch for anybody wanting to engage in a cute, autumnal activity, or even somebody who just wants to make the most of a dry spell on a chilly day. Getting out into the countryside is absolutely vital and can make even the most stressed, highly strung individual take a step back and consider what is actually important. My big question right now: what do I actually do with my newly acquired pumpkins?









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