1 Weekend: 10 Months of Celebrations

Going home this weekend was extra special, as it was the first time that we had all been together, all under one roof as a family for 10 months. Celebrating 10 months’ worth of achievements and looking back at how much has happened so far in 2016, it is unbelievable to realise there have been three new homes, two new jobs, a 30th birthday, a 50th birthday, a 21st birthday, a world-round trip and a new addition to the family!











Spending time with my new nephew has quickly become my favourite of all things to do. At three months old, his cheeky personality and immeasurable cuteness are always the centre of everybody’s attention as we all take any opportunity to give him a cuddle. His intrigue with everything that is going on around him means he is happiest just having a look at what everyone else is up to.




Who would believe it is nearly November with such beautiful weather? Saturday was the ideal day to enjoy some sunshine and take a stroll down Aberystwyth’s prom. With body boarders splashing around and dolphin watchers heading out to sea on their quaint little boats, it is so lovely to see locals and visitors making the most of our wonderful seafront, despite the temperature getting gradually nippier. Inevitably, the stroll ended with a pint or two, which was made all the more enjoyable by being able to sit outside and soak up some rays.




I was so glad that we chose to spend Saturday night in as it meant we could get comfy and spend the evening relaxing and reminiscing on our 10 months worth of celebrations. With all of the day’s fresh air, it is no wonder Marley slept for nearly 10 hours!






In traditional Owen fashion, we all wrapped up for the Sunday afternoon walk to blow away the cobwebs. Forty minutes out of town, on a mountain beside a lake we were far more exposed than we had been on Saturday to the harsher Autumn weather you would expect from a late October afternoon. While some of us were warmer than others, especially Marley in his baby bear all-in-one, we all thawed with a post-walk Jamaican Sunday lunch of Lamb Curry with Brown Rice and Peas.  





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