Giving in to the Christmas Festivities

This weekend was time for me to accept that Christmas is only just around the corner. With everyone jubilantly sipping on Mulled Wine and browsing the crafts in Cardiff Christmas Market, I gave in and joined in with the festive cheer!



The Christmas Market was my baby nephew’s first time seeing Christmas lights. Seeing his eyes wide open peering up at the gold, red and green twinkling against the frosty night’s sky, was enough to melt anyone’s heart – no matter how chilly they were in the crisp Cardiff air.

And crisp, it was! After the recent inclement weather it was a relief to enjoy a dry evening without the risk of being soaked or receiving an uninvited blow dry.

While some of the family tucked up in Cosy Club to watch the match in the warmth, three of us braved the cold to watch the rugby in the stadium. As always the atmosphere was fantastic, helped along by a warm cider or two. By the time Wales beat South Africa to a 27-13 victory, the 55,000 strong crowd were warmed up thanks to the cheering and the celebration. We of course joined in with our fair share of the singing, meaning voices were a bit hoarse over breakfast this morning.

Now that I’ve accepted that the time to be Christmassy is upon us, I am going to launch myself into full Christmas mode. Christmas Tree shopping, ice skating, shopping, wrapping…I have a lot to be getting on with!


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