Winter Walking

Walking is one of my favourite pass-times. Whether it’s a long hike on a summer’s day or a stroll through the frosty countryside, I find it’s the perfect way to rid myself of stress, breathe in some fresh air and forget about everything for a short while.




Sometimes I’ll stick on my headphones and immerse myself in my favourite songs, and sometimes I’ll take my camera and capture anything I find interesting. Above all I love chatting while walking. I watched a documentary by Clare Balding a couple of years ago which explored how walking is a fantastic type of therapy, and I wholeheartedly agree. Some of the most vicious arguments which I have partaken in have been solved by a walk where both me and the other person are stuck together in the middle of nowhere and have to talk things through. On top of that, walking is an excellent hangover cure, especially on a cool day!





Sunday is the best day for a walk, hands down. Wrapping up and braving the crisp air for an amble through the wintry woodlands is a wonderful way to build up an appetite big enough for a Sunday roast dinner.






This Sunday was no exception. Walking under the bare trees around Cosmeston Lake was the perfect winter scene. Families wrapped up in coats and scarves, robins peeking out of the trees, breath condensing in front of our eyes – beautiful!




With temperatures creeping around 1°C or 2°C, a steaming cup of hot chai was very much welcome while warming up in a nearby coffee shop. Feeling my limbs thaw as I indulged in a homemade gingerbread man was just the perfect way to end Sunday’r excursion.






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