Final Pages of Summer

What’s better than a weekend? A three day weekend! Even better than that? A three day weekend with your best friend who has jumped on the train from London and is now stood at your door, holdall in one hand, Prosecco in the other.




Having a partner-in-crime who lives nearly 200 miles away is difficult, especially when you both work full time and have other commitments to take up large portions of your free time. She has taken the jump and moved to London, while I’m still here trying to work it all out and organising how and when is best to take the step. Hopefully we’ll be in the same city again soon so we can go back to our routine of twice (sometime thrice) weekly catch-ups which start over a flat white and inevitably end over a glass of red. In the meantime, weekends here and there will have to do!




I normally find my Saturday mornings are as busy as any other weekday, so this weekend, to have absolutely nothing planned on Saturday, was a real treat. Instead of rushing around,  we both kicked back with a blackberry tea and caught up with some of the week’s TV.




The only shopping I have the time to do at the moment is the kind that involves dashing around Sainsbury’s trying to find something to eat because all I have in the fridge is a lemon and some ketchup. I adore clothes and makeup shopping, so I was elated to finally have an afternoon to wonder the city centre in search of some new items ahead of Autumn.

I have been saving up all my used and empty Mac products, as through the ‘Back 2 Mac’ scheme, you can exchange 6 empty items for a new lipstick. For weeks my old items have been lying on my coffee table, yet finally here I was ready to claim my new shade. I fell in love with Ruby Woo which should see me right through to Christmas.

Looking for some Autumn staples, I bought a corduroy dungaree dress from Warehouse. I was of course obliged then to go for a shoulder padded plain white tee to go with it. I’m looking forward to seeing what other tops I can combine it with as the weather gets colder.






Sunday was certainly no day of rest. With the majority of the day spent at a Pizza & Prosecco festival, the afternoon blurred very quickly into the night.

The former warehouse hosting the festival is a favourite for anyone wanting an alternative night out. The multiple street food stands and Prosecco bars emptied my purse a week before Pay Day. It’s a good thing I ate enough to feed a small country, because between now and the end of the month it’ll be a diet of ‘see what’s leftover in the freezer’.









Turning the final pages of summer 2017, it was excellent to have a long weekend to enjoy the last few days before Autumn springs itself upon us. Call me #Basic, but I can already smell the Pumpkin Spice Lattes…




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