Cosmo Self Made Sessions

Now that I’ve finished university, I’m at that tentative point where I’m excited for the future and all the things that I want to achieve, but I’m still working out how to get there. I’ve taken some time to educate myself on business and have attended some really inspiring seminars and lectures hosted by Imperial College, Facebook’s London HQ and most recently, Cosmopolitan magazine.

As part of their ‘Self Made Series’, Cosmo hosted a Q&A session with PR specialist Laura Sinclair, insta-famous Pilates entrepreneur Lottie Murphy and founder of Bluebella, Emily Bendell.






The panel, led by Cosmo editor Amy Grier, were really informative as to the challenges they faced when starting out and how they overcame them. They were full of tips on how best to PR a business or product, and how to strike the correct balance between being able to attract investors as well as clients. I felt as though I was back at uni, scribbling down as much information as I could in my notepad, not wanting to leave out any details in case they’d be important later.

The style stakes were quite different to uni, however. With not a pyjama-bottom in sight, I had such outfit envy while waiting in the lobby to go up to 6th@Soho.

A loyal Cosmo reader, my inner fangirl was somersaulting all over the place to be in the magazine’s UK HQ. I tried my very best to be chill, but I did have a bit of a gawk at the collage of cover stars.








Waiting for us on our seats were Cosmopolitan goodybags filled with beauty testers, the most instagrammable stationery, vouchers and edible treats.

In a bid to save money I have been shaping my own eyebrows since June, and so far it had gone really well. I had even received compliments on my arches and was feeling so pleased with myself that I had (a) saved quite a few pennies, and (b) managed not to vandalise my own face. That was, until this weekend. Doing my brows last thing on a Sunday night, my focus was not the sharpest and I accidentally took off a substantial, vital part of my left eyebrow. My normal brow gel was not cutting it in my bid to cover up my mistake, and I spent the majority of Monday paranoid that all the immaculately groomed women at the session would be wondering who this oik with half an eyebrow was.

As if by a miracle, one of the testers in the goodbybag was It Cosmetics’ Brow Power. I was sceptical as the packet says it can be used universally on all colour brows, and given I have very dark hair I normally need specifically dark brow products to make any sort of a difference. The next morning, I gave it a go anyway, as anything had to be better than my current shaven look. It turns out that it is the best brow product I have ever used! It applies easily, it looks natural, and it stays perfectly right through to the night – I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Despite my tendency to stick like glue to make up brands I’m familiar with, I’m excited to explore It Cosmetics to see what other gems they have in their collection!






With a couple of free hours between arriving in London and the start of the session, I planned on having a wonder down Kings Road to start buying some cosy woollens for autumn, but the torrential rain put pay to my shopping trip (mercifully) and so I sheltered from the storm in one of my favourite London finds for a healthy brunch, Nell’s. Gutted that I had missed the brunch menu, I subsequently had a mini heart-attack when the cashier told me that the total price of the lunch I had ordered was over £30. I stopped breathing momentarily when I considered that I was about to pay the same amount of money as my weekly food shop, on one fillet of trout and some chickpeas. My disdain was clearly visible, as the cashier’s eyes rolled all the way back to 1845, and she gave me a ‘this is London, what do you expect?’ glare.

Thankfully, included in the Cosmo bag were a packet of my new favourite snack, Hippeas, which I munched on the train home instead of forking out more pennies for dinner.

If there were a medal for self-control, I’d have taken gold that night, as despite my peckishness having skipped dinner, I successfully refrained from indulging in Cosmo’s Doughnut Time gift. In fact, I saved it all the way until Cheat Day which was a whole 72 hours away. Let’s just say, the Crème De La Creme custard toffee deliciousness was well worth the wait!










A fantastic and informative day well-spent, it certainly added quite a few points to my ‘Reasons Why Mel Should Move to London’ list! Being in a room full of inspiring women who’ve built something from nothing gave me a much needed confidence boost. I best start putting all this new information and advice to good use…