Autumn Shopping Haul

Padded Storm-Proof Jacket

In recent years my wax jacket has been a reliable go-to coat for when the wintry weather comes about, but this year I treated myself to a change after spotting this chromatic down & feather padded coat.




Warm, and waterproof, this M&S coat is perfect for brightening up a drizzly morning!





Ruby Woo

I haven’t bought a lipstick in over two years thanks to the Back-2-Mac scheme, where six empty Mac products can be exchanged for one of their lip shades.

A vehemently loyal Mac customer, I find myself with a collection of empty products on a regular basis so I never have to spend a penny on their classic £16.50 lip products.




When I was younger I was all about the bright shades, opting for orange, the most vibrant of pinks and sometimes even lilac. But as I’ve left my teens behind, the nude shades have made more of an appearance with a splash of subtle pink here and there. This Autumn, I felt it was time to be a bit more bold and go for my most daring shade in a while.

Applying this Ruby Woo, I certainly feel like I’m about to go out and slay whatever the day throws at me!





Teapigs Matcha Sachets

In my bid to cleanse myself from caffeine (more to come on this!), I have substituted my morning flat white for a Matcha Latte. One of these Teapigs sachets whisked in a piping hot mug of Almond Milk is a quick and comforting way to kick-start on a chilly morning!







Marco Tozzi Chelsea Boots

Swapping sandals for boots is one of the clearest markers of a Summer to Autumn wardrobe transition. Just in time for crunching some leaves, I treated myself to a brand new pair from Polly’s, a quirky boutique in my hometown.




These blue-black Marco Tozzi boots are cushioned, warm and suit skinny trousers as well as a skirt or dress with some thick tights. The patterned fabric detailing and tan outlining add a subtle twist to the classic Chelsea Boot. I’ve worn them almost every day since purchasing as they are an easy addition to most smart-casual daytime outfits. So versatile and comfy, these boots are a footwear staple for an Autumn-Winter capsule wardrobe.


Raven Chocolate

Whilst veganism seems to be the only instagrammable way to eat at the moment, I’m not going to pretend that I’m even heading that way (there’s no way I’m giving up my Sunday morning bacon, thank you very much!).

But with veganism becoming more fashionable, the range of vegan-friendly products on the market has vastly improved, with many more exciting and imaginative options available, as opposed to the standard dry rice cake. Not least, this bar of Glaswegian deliciousness. Raven Chocolate has a selection of vegan dark chocolate all made in Scotland, enjoyable even to the non-veggies amongst us. Who would have thought something dairy-free / vegan could be so tasty?





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