Sayonara Rhys!

Airports are the most dramatic of settings for a goodbye. Especially when you have no idea when you’ll next see your oldest friend of 12 years. It could be months, it could be years. Maybe never…

In reality I’ll probably see Rhys in a week or so over Skype. But that didn’t stop me from sobbing as I left Birmingham Airport Departures having waved him off on his massive adventure of moving to Japan.

Having accompanied him to the check-in – where he was advised that he’d been upgraded to Business Class (literally still green with envy) – and then to the queue for security, I had to accept that we had reached the point where I had to let him go.

We’ve waved goodbye so many times: when we both left for university, when I left for my Erasmus year, at train stations across the country and on many a hazy morning-after-the-night-before. But watching Rhys disappear through security at the airport felt so final. Possibly because there was a physical barrier separating us. Possibly because I can no longer just hop in the car to see him.

Pushing aside how much I miss him already, I am so incredibly excited for Rhys and all of the amazing experiences he’s going to enjoy whilst living in Japan. If, or when, he decides to come home I hope he’ll have fulfilled everything he set out to achieve.


When we thought we were the coolest kids in choir practise (2008)


When we were by far the best dressed duo at a Disney-themed uni party and had to walk home at 7.30am still in full costume (2014)


When we spent NYE in Cardiff and somehow lost each other for four hours (2015/2016)


When we sneaked into a pub for the first time underage and were greatly disappointed by how anticlimactic the evening turned out to be! (2012)


When we planned a big night out but instead went to the cinema to watch Paddington 2 (2018)


When Rhys tricked me into sitting at the front of Space Mountain and I begged the attendant to let me get off the ride. He said no. (2016)


When Rhys moved to Japan (2018)




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